Ist der Gran Turismo, der Mercedes-Benz der Zukunft? 2D-Animation und 3D-Animation Modell eines futuristischen Autos. Bild aus einem Werbefilm der Filmproduktion Karlsruhe mp-film.




Animation is the perfect medium for communicating your brand message, or more importantly making the invisible visible. Have you developed a great innovation? Do you need to announce an important message? Or do you finally want to make knowledge understandable and to be explored? Then let the world share in it and we will gladly assist you!

Animations help to communicate your content in a vivid, lively and fascinating way. They make it possible to clearly explain complex technical processes and relationships. Thrilling screenplays and talented speakers ensure that your animated films come to life. We offer a wide range of different techniques and styles.


Handgezeichnete 2D-Animation mit einem Wald voller Tiere und im Vordergrung tanzt Edwina Guckian Traditional Irish Dance. Online Video Tutorial der Filmproduktion Karlsruhe mp-film.


2D animations can perform a variety of functions. They can be used, for example, as an animated font to emphasize important terms and keywords, they can emerge as supporting elements, like animated characters in the movie or they can appear as abstract style elements. These can be generated or drawn by computer. They can be embedded in an intelligible storyline with a matching image and sound layer. 2D animations can take your audiovisual communication to a new level.

Our services include: conception, screenplay, graphics, animation and music. With mp-film you also have access to a wide range of professional speakers for your film.



3D animation shows the movement of a body in a three-dimensional space. 3D technology is constantly evolving and we are developing side by side with it. The use of 3D technology offers fascinating possibilities to tell stories, to make hidden processes visible and to represent spaces. The possibilities of variation range from simple, stylized three-dimensional bodies to photo-realistic animations. By accessing CAD data, even highly complex technical constructions can be displayed; such as motors or even a whole mine.

Our services include: conception, script, 3D modeling, animation and rendering, music, speakers.


Das Bild zeigt eine 3D Animation eines Walzenschrämmladers, der Steinkohle aus dem Flöz bricht. Der Erklärfilm der Filmproduktion Karlsruhe zeigt moderne Technologie unter Tage und stellt dar wie ein Bergwerk funktioniert.