Das Bild zeigt die 3D Animation eines Satelliten der die Erde umkreist. Beispiel aus der Rubrik Ausstellungsfilme, realisiert von der Filmproduktion Karlsruhe mp-film für den Ingenieur Volker Spreckels von der Deutschen Steinkohle AG.



Added value for your exhibition

An exhibition film can can be used in different ways. It can escort an exhibition in depth and in an explanatory manner. Various exhibition themes can be linked through a film. Exhibition films offer the possibility to convey knowledge in an entertaining way and to communicate complex relationships clearly. In the run-up to exhibitions, trailers can arouse the interest of the targeted audience. Making-of-films give audiences or also investors an idea of the work committed to these projects.

Your exhibition film in safe hands

We offer optimal project support to our customers . Our technical editors are appointed to specific topics according to their specialized competence. With this, you will have a permanent contact person throughout the entire project. He/She accompanies you from the first briefing to the successful completion of the project. This creates efficient communication channels. Our conviction is that every project requires creativity and also expertise in order to get the best result. mp-film represents the modern transfer of knowledge, which provides information, offers surprising perspectives, and entertains at the same time.