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An explanatory film conveys your message to your target group

An explanatory film offers a variety of ways to convey content in an understandable and entertaining way. These can be topics that are relevant to teaching and learning. But it can also highlight the benefits of products or services requiring a more detailed explanation. A well-made explanatory film is characterized by vividness and its ability to convey positive emotions to the target group. A condensed conveying of information also increases the audience’s motivation to really understand the context of the topic. Thus, learning can be made more effective. An explanatory film can be an actual filmed video, a cartoon, a stop-motion short or a fully animated video.

Hit the target

An explanatory film with a jaw-dropping effect is great. A film that surprises, thus awaking curiosity, that excites and is informative. But that alone is not enough. It is equally important that it appeals to the “right” audience. The people to whom the message is addressed. To achieve this, it requires a deep understanding of your audience. We know how to translate content and messages into an adequate, engaging film language. By working together with graphic designers, motion designers and 3D experts, mp-film provides you with all visual options for your explanatory film. We create your unique and individual explanatory film. It will help you to achieve your goals.




Defining the project, the core messages and the content to be communicated. Determination of the target group.



Determining how to achieve your goals. Which channels of distribution are favorable? Depending on the main topic, our customers are supported by the best suitable project supervisor.



We develop ideas with a unique selling point and ensure that your message reaches the target group. In a storyboard, we merge the image and sound layers.



Does your film need animation? Real picture? Sound design? Music? We have the perfect team and the latest technology for every form of implementation.

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To ensure that your explanatory film reaches its target group, we can create a sustainable distribution concept on request.