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Corporate films, explanatory films & science films

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With creativity and expertise

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For demanding content &

products that need explanation

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Thanks to an outstanding creative team with a specific background
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To achieve your communication goals



To capture essential content


To arrange it as a clever story


Custom-tailored for your target market


Realize your project

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Choosing suitable distribution channels

Welcome to mp-film, your film production in Karlsruhe. For ten years now, we have taken on the task of translating sophisticated content into targeted audiovisual communication. We produce films that leave a lasting impression for our customers in the fields of economics, science and medicine. Our portfolio includes: Exhibition films and event videos, as well as explanatory films for educational and training purposes. mp-film also helps to promote companies and projects with corporate films, commercials and 2D & 3D animations.

This means that we will not just provide you with out-of-the-box ideas. But also that we develop and implement concepts that are tailored to your specific target markets. Only those with the right knowledge and understanding can transfer complex content into targeted audiovisual communication. From this knowledge, our courage is fed to really rethink every film project. At the same time, as an experienced film production firm, we realize all formats in an efficient workflow.

Why mp-film? Quite simply because we not only attach great importance to the creative element, but also to substantive competence. Our creative minds are also experts. In addition to cinematic talent and experience, they also have an academic background as scientists, economists, engineers, and physicians. Your project supervisor is therefore in a position to anticipate the specific needs and to implement your project creatively and to the point. We are looking forward to a successful collaboration with you!

Perception is everything

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For many years, mp-film has been successfully supporting its customers to achieve their communication goals. The town of Karlsruhe in Germany, as an emerging technology region, is an ideal location for our film production company. But we conceive and produce for companies and institutions throughout Germany and abroad. The use of audiovisual media helps to transmit the message and at the same time to weave in desired emotions. Your competitors may also claim to deliver state-of-the-art quality in its products and services.

Nevertheless, you can stand out as a brand by emphasizing the benefits of your services to potential customers. This requires you to tell your story. In today’s image-based, global culture, film is one of the most important media for both storytelling and storydoing. And film is our major strength. Let us help you show your audience how your products and services can help create new jobs, improve infrastructure, or help the environment, health and education systems.

Tell them why you make the difference. It’s about being authentic. If you are honest point to the challenges and show how they can be dealt with, then consumers will respect your brand. It’s all a question of perception.

New Projects



Teamfoto mp-film Filmproduktion Karlsruhe Markus Plawszewski

Markus Plawszewski

Dipl. Director & Dipl. Biologist
Team Portraits der Filmproduktion Karlsruhe mp-film Martin Andersson Wissenschaftler & Regisseur

Martin Andersson

Dipl. Director & Agricultural Scientist and Ecologist
Team Portraits der Filmproduktion Karlsruhe mp-film Nahaufnahme von Xenia Gerhardt Regisseurin und Autorin und Gewinnerin des Deutschen Wirtschaftfilmpreises

Xenia Gerhardt

Dipl. Director & Award Winner
German Economic Film
Team Filmproduktion Karlsruhe Michael Schäfer für die Bildmontage und die Postproduktion

Nick Schnepf

Film Editor, 2D- & 3D-Animation

Andreas Müller

Video Marketing Strategist

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